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Warin, M., Kowal, E., & Meloni, M. (2020). Indigenous knowledge in a postgenomic landscape: The politics of epigenetic hope and reparation in Australia. Science, Technology, & Human Values, 45(1), 87-111.

Watt, E., & Kowal, E. (2019). What’s at stake? Determining indigeneity in the era of DIY DNA. New Genetics and Society, 38(2), 142-164.

Emma Kowal

Emma Kowal is Professor of Anthropology and Deputy Director of the Alfred Deakin Institute at Deakin University. She was founding Convenor of the Deakin Science and Society Network, founding Deputy Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Genomics (NCIG) at the Australian National University, former Convenor of the Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network and co-founder of the TransAsiaSTS Network. She is a cultural and medical anthropologist who previously worked as a medical doctor and public health researcher in Indigenous health before completing her PhD in 2007.